K.F.S has extensive knowledge and experience in the following services:

  • Risk Management (Life, Disability & Severe Illness),

  • Retirement Planning (Pre-Retirement & Post-Retirement),

  • Estate Consultation (Incl. Legal Advice),

  • Investment Advice (Unit Trusts, Off-shore Investments, Link Products & Guaranteed Plans),

  • Offshore Investment,

  • Short-term Cover,

  • Wills, Testaments & Reviews,

  • Business Assurance,

  • Medical Aid, Health & Gap Cover Insurance,

  • Employee Benefits,

  • Tax Advice.

We continuously research creative solutions to help improve and develop all of our services currently on offer, this innovative perspective allows us to consistently provide our clients with enhanced benefits.

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Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:


  • Am I able to retire early?

  • Are my investments producing adequate returns?

  • What’s a good approach for university savings?

  • Am I covered if I develop a disability?

  • What are the guidelines for a good estate strategy?

  • Do I have sufficient life insurance for my family to continue without me?

  • Am I adequately covered by my medical aid? 


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