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Our Journey

In the year 1984, Kaffrarian Assurance Brokers was founded in East London, South Africa by the late Eddie Leach in order to provide trusted financial services to clients throughout the Eastern Cape.

The unique name “Kaffrarian” is derived from Eddie’s passionate dedication to The Kaffrarian Rifles (Currently - Buffalo Volunteer Rifles) which is a reservist infantry unit of the South African Army. Eddie was recognised for his unwavering commitment to the unit’s development and was selected as honorary colonel.

In 1994, Johann Leach joined the business after spending 5 years with Sanlam, to receive mentorship from his successful cousin and they both decided in 1995, to co-found Kaffrarian Financial Services (K.F.S), the same business name we trade with today, some 24 years later!

Unfortunately, a few short years later, Eddie succumbed to personal health complications in January 2000, and the reigns of K.F.S were then handed over to Johann Leach, who still leads and develops the company today.

The business continues to progress with the original philosophy set out by Eddie, which is to ensure our clients leave feeling organized, understood and have a planned future.

Since then, K.F.S has progressed from offering only Life Insurance to now also offering more sophisticated products such as medical aid, local and offshore investments, retirement planning, risk assessment, portfolio management, short term insurance as well as various other innovative financial solutions.

To help increase our available financial services, K.F.S have partnered with all the established industry leaders such as Discovery, Old Mutual, ABSA, Momentum, Sanlam, Liberty Life, PPS, Alexander Forbes, Santam, Old Mutual insure and many more.

Our incredible team have grown over the years with the company’s ability to attract professionals with expertise in financial planning. Today we have an inclusive team of 5 professionals with a combined industry experience of more than 100 years!

K.F.S continues to advance its influence throughout South Africa as well as internationally with clients across the world, extending from Canada to New Zealand, they all trust Kaffrarian Financial Services to attend their financial wellbeing.

If you would like to find out more about what we offer or if you would like to get in contact with us, please visit our website.

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Address: 56 Bonza Bay Road, Beacon Bay, 5241.

Phone: + (27) 043 748 1505

Email: info@kfssa.co.za

Website: www.kfssa.co.za Source - Kaffrarian Financial Services.